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About JLee Candles

JLee Candles started as a cool hobby from a hardcore candle lover....me! 

Literally a casual thought of "let me try to make my own candle" turned into hours and hours of testing waxes, wicks, jars, oils and many other processes that go into a successful finished candle.  I was an obsessed mad scientist! 

I channeled my dad's creative and perfectionist spirit and my mom's caring and nurturing nature.  The combination drove me to want to make the best candle that I could make while pouring care and love into each and every batch.  I want every JLee Candle to make its owner happy, and it's equally as important to me that my customers are good to their candles as well.

So I happily deliver my obsession to you.  And a super big thank you to all of my customers and my family and friends who sniffed, burned and bought and continue to do so!


Judith Goode

JLee Candles